How to Achieve a Consistent Ball-Striking Position in Golf

Understanding the Fundamentals of Golf Swing

The Role of Posture and Stance

The Kinetic Chain Reaction

The Grip and Grip Pressure

Mastering the Backswing

Key takeaway: To achieve a consistent ball-striking position in golf, it is important to understand the fundamentals of the golf swing, including posture and stance, the kinetic chain reaction, grip and grip pressure, the backswing sequence, the shoulder and arm connection, and the hip turn and transfer of weight. Additionally, mastering the downswing sequence, the release of the clubhead, and achieving consistent ball-striking are crucial for improving one’s golf game.

The Backswing Sequence

The Shoulder and Arm Connection

The Hip Turn and Transfer of Weight

Improving the Downswing and Impact

The Downswing Sequence

The Release of the Clubhead

Achieving Consistent Ball-Striking


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