Unveiling the Biggest and Most Prestigious Tournaments on the PGA Calendar

The Majors: PGA Tour’s Crown Jewels

The Masters Tournament

U.S. Open Championship

The Open Championship

PGA Championship

Other Major Championships

PGA Tour Events Throughout the Year

Key takeaway: The PGA Tour hosts several prestigious tournaments throughout the year, including the four major championships: The Masters Tournament, U.S. Open Championship, The Open Championship, and PGA Championship. In addition to these, there are other major championships, early season tournaments, mid-season tournaments, late season tournaments, and FedEx Cup playoffs. Special events and team competitions, such as the Presidents Cup, Ryder Cup, Hero World Challenge, and match play events, also take place on the PGA Tour.

Early Season Tournaments

Mid-Season Tournaments

Late Season Tournaments

FedEx Cup Playoffs

Special Events and Team Competitions

Presidents Cup

Ryder Cup

Hero World Challenge

Match Play Events


What to Expect When Going to a PGA Tour Event

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